Barnyard Kitchen and Bar brings farm fresh right to your table. With the good fortune of having our own Grade A creamery right on premise we have the ability to craft our farm fresh local goats milk, sheep’s milk and milk from our small herd of jersey cattle right on site.

Fresh cheeses, milks, yogurts made daily by hand in an age old artisan fashion just for you. No preservatives or artificial ingredients means you can taste the difference.

We bake our breads fresh and serve it with our house made butters. Our consciously sourced meats are cooked low and slow in a revival of rural American cooking and culture. We specialize in the small town American cooking and comfort foods many of us ate as children.

Barnyard Kitchen and Bar offers a casual, inexpensive yet elevated experience. Our focus on local quality ingredients starting with our own farm we hope will leave you satisfied you have taken a timeless journey back to what wholesome food used to be. Thanks to local farmers traditions, and hard work, it can be again.